Nor-Am Cold Storage – LeMars, IA

Two refrigerated truck lines, Pyle Trucking located in Iowa and Schuster Trucking, a successful family-owned firm for more than 30 years, along with other principal participants were planning a new venture into public refrigerated warehousing. One of the main stockholders was familiar with Tippmann’s construction expertise in the PRW area, and called them in to discuss the project.

Tippmann was awarded the project, and the 75,000 square-foot warehouse was designed and built within the project’s specifications of a four-month time frame. The warehouse, which features 11 truck docks, has become a showcase of modern refrigerated warehousing efficiency.

Part of the reason Nor-Am chose Tippmann was the ability to tap their expertise as an owner/operator of 9 public refrigerated warehouses. It was especially valuable to work with a contractor who understands critical key details such as optimal heights for racking and floor layouts, and who could help them be successful right from the start.

Facility Highlights:

  • 75,000 square foot public refrigerated warehouse
  • Project completed in four months