Kroger – Denver, CO

When Kroger found itself in need of a Colorado distribution center for its King Soopers and City Market divisions, they came to Tippmann to get things started. Kroger was using an older facility, which restricted their growth opportunities, and they wanted a chance to move into a new, more efficient facility.

Built on the old Stapleton Airport site, this facility is a perfect example of what Tippmann Construction’s Master Plan can accomplish. The building started out as a 130,000 square foot freezer, but soon went through two expansions. The first added 70,000 square feet to Kroger’s freezer space, and the second added another 253,000 square feet of perishable warehouse space, including 15 state-of-the-art banana rooms, dry and wet produce rooms, and an automated battery charging retrieval system. These additions increased the total size of the facility to 453,000 square feet.

For business reasons, timing was critical for Kroger throughout this project. Tippmann’s fast track construction process was able to get the third and largest phase of the building (253,000 square foot perishable addition) finished in just six months.

Facility Highlights:

  • 453,000 square foot refrigerated / frozen distribution center
  • 15 state-of-the-art banana rooms
  • Dry and wet produce rooms
  • Automated battery charging retrieval system