JBS Packerland – Green Bay, WI

Packerland Packing (a division of Smithfield Foods at the time – currently owned by JBS) was using off-site warehousing and blast freezing along with manual sortation, so they decided to build a new distribution facility of their own hoping to save labor cost and improve product safety. The best site available was property they already owned, a greenfield site approximately 600 feet away. The only problem was an active railroad line running between their processing plant and that site.

Having recently completed a similar project for another Smithfield company, Tippmann Group knew exactly what needed to be done. Tippmann designed a distribution center that is attached to the plant by a conveyor tunnel that goes up and over the railroad tracks. The new facility also has its own blast freezers.

The conveyor tunnel was designed to feed directly into an automated sortation/palletizing system with a manual stack-off for slow-moving items.

With the distribution center site essentially a separate facility, product safety is enhanced. Outbound shipping trucks have their own dedicated entrance, so there is no crossover between the incoming livestock and the outgoing finished product. This separation of the distribution and the processing helps maximize the ability to keep the product safe.

Facility Highlights:

  • 115,000 square foot distribution center
  • Connected to meat packing plant via elevated conveyor-only tunnel
  • Automated sortation system
  • Enhances product safety by separating processing from distribution