Hatfield Quality Meats – Hatfield, PA (Including QFR Zone®)

QFR Zone®Hatfield Quality Meats business was growing, and they began looking to add temperature controlled warehouse space to their meat plant in Hatfield, PA. They called on their long standing relationship with Tippmann Group, knowing that Tippmann would be able to give them exactly what they needed in the time frame they were looking for.

Hatfield Quality Meats also had an increased need for quick freezing their product, and Tippmann Group had recently developed a new alternative to blast freezing, the QFR Zone® (Quick Freeze Racking Zone). The new system is much more energy efficient than a traditional blast freezer, and also cuts labor costs dramatically because of the ease of loading and unloading pallets into the QFR Zone®.

After reviewing some test data, Hatfield Quality Meats knew the QFR Zone® was the best solution for their blast freezing needs. Tippmann Group installed 8 QFR Zones® in the main freezer of the new warehouse, giving Hatfield 320 new pallet positions for their quick freezing needs.

The QFR Zone® has exceeded expectations on lowering blast freezing related expenses, and has also drastically cut their product freezing times, helping to get their product ready for distribution faster than ever before.

Facility Highlights:

  • 95,000 square foot freezer / cooler expansion
  • 8 QFR Zones® (Quick Freeze Racking Zone) to handle quick freezing needs
  • 320 new pallet positions dedicated to quick freezing
  • 25,000 square foot temperature controlled dock