Gordon Food Service – Kenosha, WI

Gordon Food Service and Tippmann Group have built a strong relationship over the years, so when the time came for them to build a large distribution center in the Chicago area, they came back to Tippmann for the design and construction of their new facility.

The selected location was Kenosha, Wisconsin, just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border near Chicago. GFS needed a highly automated hybrid distribution center capable of case selection, sortation, accumulation & direct to truck order fulfillment.

The facility includes multiple levels of case transfer conveyor (more than six miles of conveyor throughout the facility), so there were some unique circumstances involving structural loads, heat loads, power requirements and clearances that needed to be addressed during the engineering and design of the facility.

Tippmann Group coordinated these engineering efforts with GFS and FKI Logistics, resulting in a 580,000 square foot distribution facility. The project is one of five facilities Tippmann Group has built for GFS in recent years.

Facility Highlights:

  • 580,000 square foot multi-temperature hybrid distribution center
  • More than 6 miles of conveyor inside facility
  • 18 different pick-up points from 6 multiple level pick to belt pick modules
  • 20 extendable truck loaders