General Mills – Wellston, OH

General Mills was planning to expand their Wellston, Ohio plant, as the need became apparent for additional distribution space on site. With a strong relationship in place between General Mills and Interstate Warehousing, General Mills executives knew they didn’t need to look far to find a solution. Tippmann Group was able to offer a design/build plan to meet operational and financial requirements for their proposed plant expansion. In that solution were two key factors:

– Working with their current insurer to install an appropriate fire protection system.
– A philosophical change in strategy in the storage and loading processes.

Tippmann Group brought something to the table that few builders can compete with. As owner/operators of public refrigerated warehouses all over the U.S., Tippmann Group already knew and completely understood the business profile, and continued to evaluate the product flow. During that evaluation, Tippmann Group recommended loading process and storage changes for the General Mills facility. These changes resulted in a reduction of the amount of square footage needed based on how the product would move, and that translated into lower construction costs for
General Mills.

During construction of the 79,000 square-foot freezer, Tippmann’s Interstate Warehousing staff helped train the General Mills staff with the new design and new loading process, ensuring a smooth transition into their new, plant attached distribution center. In addition, while the construction process was ongoing, Interstate Warehousing continued to support General Mills’ business as it changed during the eight months of construction.

Facility Highlights:

  • 79,000 square foot freezer addition
  • 9,000 square foot shipping dock with 12 dock doors
  • Tippmann’s Interstate Warehousing division assisted on project with evaluations and training on loading process and storage changes