Dietz & Watson – Delanco, NJ

Dietz & Watson, a leading provider of meat delicacies and cheeses, decided to change the way their distribution process worked. They were looking to centralize the distribution, so it would all come from one place, as opposed to each production facility handling their own distribution.

They purchased a one-year-old, 266,000 square foot dry warehouse in Delanco Township, New Jersey and needed someone to turn it into a temperature-controlled distribution center.

Tippmann Group is experienced in this type of renovation, and went to work on the project. The original tilt-up, concrete load-bearing walls needed to be removed and replaced with insulated metal panels in order for the building to allow for colder temperatures. Tippmann’s engineers made several structural changes to the building to allow the original load-bearing walls to come down.

A new central freon refrigeration system was then added to the building, while the entire interior of the facility was getting engineered and re-racked. The floor of the warehouse also underwent significant changes to allow for the new underfloor heating system.

Facility Highlights:

  • 266,000 square foot renovation
  • Load-bearing concrete wall panels removed & replaced with insulated panels for refrigerated and frozen temperatures in the warehouse
  • New central freon refrigeration system added
  • Complete redesign of interior racking layout