Cut Your Blast Freezing Expenses in Half!

Only with the QFR Zone® (Quick Freeze Racking Zone). It's not a blast freezer. It's better!

The QFR Zone® will completely change the way you look at blast freezing.  You will see results right away when you make the switch from a traditional blast freezer to the QFR Zone®.  With the QFR Zone® technology, we are able to improve the air flow to influence freeze time.  This gives us the ability to increase the temperature of the environment and increase airflow to produce a more energy efficient solution.

Some of the advantages of using the QFR Zone®, instead of a traditional blast freezer include:

  • Drastically lower your blast freezing related utility costs
  • Each QFR Zone® is designed to your freezing application with the flexibility to freeze virtually any palletized product
  • QFR Zone® can also be designed to support thawing, slacking and defrosting applications
  • Freeze faster at higher suction pressures
  • Significantly improved airflow
  • Dramatically lower labor costs
  • Faster product turns
  • Easy access to product when freezing is complete
  • Better utilization of floorspace
  • Lower capital cost on installation
  • All product on a pallet is frozen at the same speed
  • Runs on less horsepower
  • Continuous freezing capabilities, no more batch cycles
  • Can be used for pallet storage when quick freezing is not required

For more information on the QFR Zone®, or to see how this can work for you, please download and complete our request for information form.  You can also read more about it by downloading the QFR Zone® Brochure.

Download QFR Zone® Brochure

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