QFR Zone® Technology Continues To Change & Improve

Already “Better than a Blast Freezer,” the QFR Zone® is Exceeding Expectations

When we developed the QFR Zone® (Quick Freeze Racking Zone) technology several years ago, Tippmann Group saw an opportunity to increase efficiency in the blast freezing process, while saving energy consumption and labor costs at the same time. The QFR Zone® has completely changed the way many people in the frozen food industry think about blast freezing.

Now, several years after that first installation, we are seeing an increased demand for the QFR Zone®, mainly because every system that has been installed has exceeded the expectations of our customers. Many of these customers have come back and installed additional systems because their first experience with the QFR Zone® was such a positive one.

The QFR Zone® is being utilized throughout several different industries. While protein products were the first to see the major benefits of the QFR Zone®, the application is now serving other functions in other industries, including thawing, tempering and chilling.

The goal of the first QFR Zone® was to design a system that was easy to use, highly energy and labor efficient, and most importantly, it had to work better than a blast freezer! All of these goals have been achieved with the QFR Zone®.

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