President’s Message – Winter 2014

John Tippmann, Jr.

I trust this finds your 2014 off to a successful start!

Over the holidays, I read a follow-up edition to Bob Burb and John David Mann’s original book, The Go-Giver. The book offers simple wisdom for business as well as life. One of the concepts that stood out to me again was The Law of Value which ultimately means “worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

As I reflect on this message, it accurately reflects our philosophy at the Tippmann Group companies as well. Of course, like all companies, we certainly need compensated for services rendered to ensure stable employment, reinvestment back into the company and market-leading service to our customers. That said, our ultimate goal is to have our existing and future customers assess their relationship with our company as one that offers premium value in all aspects of the relationship. We have certainly focused on this through “best in class” employees, a customer-centric workplace, and state-of-the-art facilities, systems and industry best practices.

Within this edition of Briefings, there are several examples of this continued focus on adding value to our customers. Whether via proactive hazmat training programs, cost management at our warehouses, continued improvements to our QFR Zone solution or enhanced food safety practices through our SQF certification efforts, the common theme and focus is on offering enhanced value to you!

We sincerely appreciate your business and will remain steadfast in our goal of providing premium value in all aspects of our business relationship to you and your business in the New Year!


John Tippmann, Jr.