President’s Message – Fall 2013

John Tippmann, Jr.

In February of this year, we witnessed a rare leadership transition within our organization. After 33 years—the past 21 as our company president—Chuck Tippmann, retired. Chuck was as integral part of our growth and success over the past 30+ years and he will be missed both personally and professionally. If the benchmark is to leave a place better than you found it, then Chuck succeeded on many fronts.

Although I am new to this role, I have been an active part of Tippmann Group for 26 years, and it has certainly been in my blood since childhood. It is both an honor and privilege for me to carry the torch for the Tippmann family and companies for years to come.

As Donald McGannon once noted, “Leadership is action, not position.” With this shared philosophy, my goal is to embrace the very best of our past, and to position our company for our next great chapter. The good news is that we are blessed with remarkable and dedicated employees, a seasoned management team, robust systems and state of the art facilities and capabilities. Add to this a strong customer-centric philosophy and we have in place many of the ingredients for sustained growth.

As we embark on that next great chapter, we are grateful for your history of confidence and support. Equally important, we are excited and committed to renewing our efforts to serving you better and addressing unmet needs within our respective industries. We recognize that you have a choice in providers, and we want Tippmann Group/Interstate Warehousing to be that preferred choice well into the future.


John Tippmann, Jr.