How You Open Your Freezer Doors Could Be Costing You Money

Magnetic Floor Loops Reduce Energy Consumption In Freezer

Interstate Warehousing is always looking for new ways of saving energy. There are numerous ways to address this, but one thing in particular can provide an incredibly fast payback on your investment.

In recent years, Interstate Warehousing has gone through the process of replacing our old fiberglass slow moving doors and bi-parting freezer doors with the newer high-speed roll-up doors. But it’s not just the door itself that was leading to excess energy being used.

The trend from the manufacturers was to use infrared motion sensors to activate the door in lieu of a pull cord. This was a step forward for the warehousing environment, because it allowed drivers to enter in and out of the doors without compromising the recommended 4-points of connection to a piece of equipment (2 feet and 2 hands). Previously, with pull cords, drivers would slow down and grab the cord and keep trucking (leaving them potentially vulnerable for impacts or running over debris that could jostle the equipment and throw them off).

While the motion sensors were great, they provided us with a different issue. Interstate Warehousing staff started noticing something as we walked up and down the docks. The doors would “magically” open but no lift traffic would go through the door. We quickly determined that these doors, with their new sensor activation, were getting “phantom trips.” These often came as a result of traffic inside the freezer or a strong wind or vibration moving the sensor, causing the sensor to get set off in a number of unintended ways. We began tracking these phantom trips and realized that this was costing us a lot of money. The doors were being cycled significantly more than they should, often three or more times as many door cycles as were actually needed and used. This decreases the life span and increases maintenance issues associated with the doors. We were also using a lot more electricity, due to the increased strain on the refrigeration system to make up for the increased infiltration of warm air.

In order to solve this issue, Interstate Warehousing has installed magnetic floor loops in front of our high-speed roll-up freezer doors. The results have been amazing, and the payback almost immediate. Since installing the magnetic floor loops, our freezer units are staying satisfied longer, and less energy is being consumed overall. The payback time following the installation was less than one month in most cases.