Developing Leaders From Within

Good leaders are often hard to find for companies trying to grow and improve their business. In many cases, some of a company’s best future leaders may already be working for them. Recognizing and developing those skills is critical to keeping good employees around, and building your leaders from within.

Our Manager-in-Training (MIT) program has proven to be a huge success over the years. Several General Managers at Interstate Warehousing have come through the MIT program. This program is highly detailed and is focused on developing the individual’s skills through hands-on training and experience. MITs enter the program with a vision for the future and an eye on continuous improvement as they move through the process. Once completing the program, a job succession plan is in place, so the MIT can apply the knowledge and experience he or she has learned in a leadership position at Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing.

Prior to the selection of our MIT personnel, the human resources department takes candidates through a vigorous recruiting process. This process includes:

  • Recruiting at local Universities
  • Using two committee interview groups, then comparing notes between the two groups
  • Being very selective with the candidates to ensure they are the right fit for the position and organization
  • Sharing the stability of our industry combined with Tippmann Group being a family-owned and debt-free company with leaders who are focused on long-range goals

Once selected to become a part of the MIT program, MITs begin going through a very detailed initial training process, giving each MIT a complete understanding of multiple facets of the business. They are cross-trained at multiple facilities within our network in order to broaden the MIT’s experience. The active relationships and sharing of information between our facilities provides increased flexibility and more opportunities for our employees, allowing management and supervisory positions to be filled internally from the MIT program.

Additional training opportunities outside of the company, such as the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) training courses, along with other industry specific learning programs help turn our MITs into well-rounded, future leaders of our company. It is these individuals who will be counted on to provide direction and valuable input, helping Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing continue to see the sustained growth that we have seen over the past few decades.

For more information on Tippmann Group and Interstate Warehousing, please contact us via email or at (260) 490-3000.