Tyson / Sara Lee – Rochelle, IL (2nd Expansion – Including QFR Zone®)

QFR Zone®Sara Lee’s distribution network has been in a growth mode for several years, and less than two years after Tippmann Group completed an expansion to their freezer facility in Rochelle, Illinois, Sara Lee came back to Tippmann ready to expand again.

This time, they were adding another 131,000 square feet with convertible rooms, and they also had some quick freezing needs. Tippmann’s new alternative to blast freezing, the QFR Zone®, proved to be the perfect solution for those quick freezing needs.

Tippmann Group installed 10 QFR Zones® in the new portion of the facility, giving Sara Lee the capability to freeze up to 200,000 pounds of product per day. The faster freezing times and lower labor costs associated with easier loading and unloading product into and out of the QFR Zones® has improved Sara Lee’s efficiency in the warehouse.

The QFR Zone® is also significantly more energy efficient than a traditional blast freezer would have been, so it has been a win-win situation for Sara Lee on all levels.

Facility Highlights:

  • 2 expansions to existing freezer facility totalling 266,000 square feet
  • 10 QFR Zones® (Quick Freeze Racking Zone) to handle quick freezing needs
  • 480 new pallet positions dedicated to quick freezing
  • Convertible rooms