Turano Bakery – Bolingbrook, IL

For nearly half a century, the family-owned Turano Bakery has produced high-quality European recipe breads in the Chicago area. The company had for years used third-party refrigerated warehouses for storage of finished product, but felt that the time had come to build their own distribution facility.

Turano explained to Tippmann that their goal was simply to get the most freezer possible for the money and the importance of completing the project within budget. Tippmann helped them analyze their potential savings (especially on transportation), but more importantly, the substantial improvements they would gain in customer service.

Turano’s new 33,000 square foot freezer adjoins the company’s existing bakery in Bolingbrook, Illinois. It was finished in six months, including the acquisition of all permits. The new facility’s refrigeration is more efficient and environmentally friendly, and the design has facilitated internal efficiencies that have resulted in improved service and more timely shipments to Turano’s customers.

Facility Highlights:

  • 33,000 square foot freezer addition to plant
  • Project completed in six months