The Schwan Food Company – Salina, KS

The Schwan Food Company’s Salina, Kansas facility was handling their product multiple times before shipping it to the final destination. Tippmann Group designed this 105,000 square foot facility adjacent to Schwan’s existing plant to act as a buffer between manufacturing and shipping.

Full pallet loads of product are diverted from the palletizing room to the new distribution center via a conveyor bridge. The bridge had to be specially designed to handle two full pallet conveyor lines, inbound and outbound while maintaining a 100 foot clear span over an existing road. The pallets come into the new building at an elevated height on a two-level conveyor system.

They are they routed to three vertical lifts to be lowered to floor level. Fork lift operator then put the pallets into pallet rack for storage. When a pallet is needed back across the street for picking, an operator will place the pallet on the lower level outbound conveyor. The conveyor then routes the pallet to a fourth vertical lift which raises the pallet back up to the bridge elevation. The pallet is then sent back across the bridge to the existing picking freezer. Handling heavy, full pallets is typically a slow process but this system is rated for 110 pallets per hour.

Facility Highlights:

  • 105,000 square foot freezer adjacent to plant
  • Elevated conveyor tunnel connecting plant to warehouse over a city street
  • 2 full pallet conveyor lines, inbound and outbound
  • System is rated for 110 full pallets per hour