Stop & Shop – Freetown, MA

Stop & Shop Supermarket Company has grown to become the largest food retailer in New England. As that growth continued, Stop & Shop found themselves needing more distribution space when they outgrew their existing distribution facility.

They were able to find a 150+ acre site, which allowed room for one facility that is able to combine both refrigerated and dry distribution space. With many operational expenses at an East coast premium, they were looking for other ways to lower those expenses. That’s when we decided to re-evaluate the operations of the entire warehouse.

Tippmann’s evaluation moved the specialized warehouse toward an automated storage and replenishment system, catering to products that move in and out of the facility at multiple speeds. The building is designed to handle fast and slow moving products differently, without compromising the efficiency of the warehouse.

The end result is a 1.3 million square foot distribution center, featuring 77 cranes, banana rooms and a wet room with all-galvanized racking. Also on the distribution campus are an attached 3-story office building, separate fueling center and trailer wash facility.

Facility Highlights:

  • 1.3 million square foot distribution center
  • Automated storage and replenishment crane system
  • Designed to accommodate products moving at multiple velocities
  • Construction completed in 16 months