Roundy’s – Westville, IN

As a leading wholesaler to the grocery industry, Roundy’s of Westville, Indiana was facing the kind of problem most businesses like to have: rapid expansion of it’s customer base coupled with continuing growth in volume, partly due to an acquisition. More capacity was needed (especially for perishable products), so Roundy’s management decided to build an extension to an existing 650,000-square-foot facility.

The company had been extremely pleased with a prior warehouse project built by Tippmann, so Roundy’s went back to Tippmann for a complete feasibility study of the new project. At the completion of the study, they also selected Tippmann to build the warehouse expansion, which included a regular storage freezer, an ice cream freezer, a meat cooler, dairy cooler and produce cooler.

The resulting 160,000-square-foot expansion allowed Roundy’s to consolidate its products at a key location. Using Tippmann’s Fast-Track construction, the warehouse extension was completed in just five months, which allowed Roundy’s to begin using the facility in time to meet the seasonal demands surrounding the holiday.

Facility Highlights:

  • 160,000 square foot refrigerated distribution center expansion
  • Facility includes: storage freezer, ice cream freezer, meat cooler, dairy cooler and produce cooler
  • Project completed in five months