New Orleans Cold Storage – New Orleans, LA (QFR Zone®)

QFR Zone®New Orleans Cold Storage was presented with an opportunity to expand their blast freezing operations when the Port of New Orleans came to them looking for NOCS to open a new facility on the Port.

After going through the bid process for the construction of the facility, Mark Blanchard, the president of New Orleans Cold Storage decided he wanted Tippmann Group’s new energy and labor efficient QFR Zone® (Quick Freeze Racking Zone)installed in his new facility to handle his blast freezing needs.

Tippmann Group designed and sized the system to handle 30 loads of blast freezing per day, with a 36-hour freeze time. That time frame can be quicker if conditions change within the business. With the new design of the facility and utilizing the QFR Zone® to handle their blast freezing needs, the utility cost of this facility is approximately half the cost of the other facility that NOCS is operating in New Orleans. The system was engineered to generate the maximum amount of savings in the specific freeze time that was desired.

The design of a system this large was unique. Through that design, Tippmann Group was able to section off the QFR Zones® into several unique rooms. This creates the flexibility necessary so the power consumption can be controlled and managed in a more efficient manner.

Facility Highlights:

  • QFR Zone® system engineered and designed to handle 30 loads per day of blast capacity
  • System designed to meet 36-hour customer-desired freeze time
  • New design & QFR Zone® freezing has cut utility costs by approximately 50% compared to their other facility in New Orleans