Merchants Cold Storage – Walton, KY

When the city of Cincinnati needed a new stadium for the NFL’s Bengals, it purchased a number of aging riverfront warehouses for demolition. Cincinnati Commercial Warehouse, a leading regional refrigerated warehouse operator, owned one of those properties, forcing them to consider building a new facility.

“We had seen the warehouse in our area built by Tippmann Construction and managed by Interstate Warehousing,” said Merchants Cold Storage President Phil Castellini, “and even though we’re competitors, we had a great deal of respect for Tippmann’s expertise in building, owning and managing public refrigerated warehouses. No other contractors had the owner/operator experience they brought to our project.”

Tippmann built the 91,000 square foot warehouse in an ideal location, directly off the interstate with rail access. Merchants had so much success with their new facility, they found themselves facing rapid growth and the need to expand less than two years later. They were extremely pleased with the job Tippmann did on the original building, so Merchants called Tippmann back to design and build a 110,000 square foot addition. The addition features a special ultra low-temperature (typically -30°F) storage room, and was built using Tippmann’s Fast-Track construction, allowing the addition to be completed in just four months.

Shortly after that, Merchants found themselves wanting to expand again, and because Tippmann’s Master Plan is one which plans ahead and plans for expansion, Tippmann Construction was able to add another 44,000 square feet of warehouse space to bring the building’s total to 245,000 square feet.

Facility Highlights:

  • 245,000 square foot public refrigerated warehouse
  • Completed in three phases due to company growth
  • Storage temperatures to -30°F