JBS Moyer – Souderton, PA

Moyer Packing (a division of Smithfield Foods at the time, currently owned by JBS) was looking for a way to enhance their distribution operation, while also using that opportunity to set new industry standards for food safety. Tippmann Group designed a distribution center that is a separate structure from Moyer’s processing plant, but connected via a conveyor-only tunnel.

Tippmann Group’s plan modified Moyer’s existing case flow to lead into the new 150 foot long temperature-controlled conveyor tunnel, transferring the product from the plant, through the tunnel, and into an 8-lane sortation system on a mezzanine level in the new distribution center before getting automatically palletized and wrapped.

The site is set up so outbound truck traffic has it’s own access, separated from traffic for livestock and other plant support. Employees, sanitation and maintenance are also dedicated to the distribution center. Moyer believes this total separation enhances their stringent food safety program.

The end result is a 91,000 square foot distribution center and cooler for finished meat products. The facility also includes state-of-the-art blast freezers.

Facility Highlights:

  • 91,000 square foot finished goods warehouse/distribution center
  • Elevated conveyor attaching manufacturing plant to D.C.
  • 8-lane sortation system on mezzanine level
  • Flow-through racking capable of staging entire truckloads