Iowa Premium Beef – Tama, IA

A group of investors acquired a vacant meat plant in Tama, IA and started Iowa Premium Beef with plans to create a new high quality beef product. They made substantial improvements in plant operations then decided they wanted to add a distribution center on site, attached to their plant in order to place an emphasis on food safety, product quality and integrity.

Jeffrey Johnson, CEO of Iowa Premium Beef, and Tippmann Group have a working relationship that goes back more than 25 years, including the design/build of 4 other plant-attached distribution centers under Johnson’s direction while he was working with a previous company.

Because of that relationship, and Johnson’s knowledge of the quality and high level of service that Tippmann Group provides, Iowa Premium Beef chose Tippmann to handle their 42,000 square foot plant-attached D.C.

The facility features a conveyor that brings cases of finished goods into the DC on a mezzanine level before they are brought to floor level for storage. The building also incorporated the QFR Zone®, Tippmann Group’s energy and labor efficient alternative to traditional blast freezing.

Facility Highlights:

  • 42,000 square foot plant-attached distribution center
  • 5th project designed/built for CEO Jeffrey Johnson
  • 2 double-sided QFR Zones® (80 pallet positions)