Institutional Wholesale – Cookeville, TN

Institutional Wholesale Co. is a family-owned, independent food supply company headquartered in Cookville, Tennessee. Located just outside Nashville, the company had operated three separate warehouses — one for dry items, a cooler facility and a freezer — all at different locations. IWC had outgrown each of these facilities due to sheer volume and SKU growth and wanted to consolidate their operations in one state-of-the-art location.

By touring several Tippmann facilities, IWC executives discovered the value in doing business with a construction company that also had years of experience as an owner-operator of refrigerated warehouses. Further, they were impressed with Tippmann’s Fast-Track construction process, which allowed for the completion of their project within five months.

The resulting 96,000 square foot facility includes dry, refrigeration and frozen storage space with a centrally located operations core. Not only did the unique design work well with the lay of the land for truck staging, it produced much greater efficiency through reduced travel distance. In addition, the design allows for future expansion on IWC’s attractive 21-acre site.

Facility Highlights:

  • 96,000 square foot distribution center
  • Refrigerated, Frozen and dry distrubition space
  • Project completed in five months