Gordon Food Service – Pottsville, PA

Gordon Food Service began looking into new business models with opportunities in the Northeastern United States, and as they began to move forward, GFS once again called on Tippmann Group to get a new distribution center up and running.

Tippmann helped GFS with the site selection, finding an ideal location on Interstate 81 in Eastern Pennsylvania with an industrial park that has been growing quickly. In fact, Tippmann had recently completed a distribution center for another customer in the same industrial park.

As always, flexibility is one of the keys to a distribution facility for Gordon Food Service. They needed a building that had multiple temperature capabilities and convertible rooms, along with the decreased labor costs associated with a wide dock that is open to the cooler warehouse space.

Tippmann had already built facilities very similar to this one for GFS in Brighton, MI, Ocala, FL, and Greenville, SC, so the task was taken care of quickly and efficiently.

The 150,000 square foot facility features separate freezer, cooler, and grocery storage areas, along with multi-temperature dock.

Facility Highlights:

  • 150,000 square foot multi-temperature distribution center
  • Cooler open to refrigerated dock
  • Convertible rooms
  • Master planned facility with future expansion plans already in place