Fresh Mark – Salem, OH

Fresh Mark saw an opportunity to save on distribution and transportation costs in the long run by building a distribution facility on land they already owned adjacent to their processing plant. In fact, the property they wanted to build on was their existing employee parking lot, which posed additional challenges when they were considering expansion.

Fresh Mark and Tippmann Group had worked together on projects in the past, when Tippmann expanded their Canton, Ohio facility on two separate occasions. The success of those projects gave Fresh Mark the confidence to call on Tippmann again when the time came for the new distribution center addition to their plant in Salem, Ohio.

Tippmann helped negotiate a deal with a neighboring property owner to purchase additional land next to the Fresh Mark plant, so there would be room to re-locate the employee parking lot. After the relocation was complete, construction started on the new distribution center and conveyor system to transfer the finished boxed ham & bacon cases from the plant to the D.C.

The routing of the case conveyor within the existing plant was completed on third shift installations with no plant shut downs during the project. The existing truck drive was also maintained under the new elevated case transfer tunnel.

Facility Highlights:

  • 90,000 square foot plant-attached distribution center
  • Connected to plant via elevated case transfer tunnel
  • Maintained existing truck drive under new elevated case transfer tunnel
  • 2600 linear feet of zero pressure case conveyor