Chobani – Twin Falls, ID

With consumer demand growing and milk supply dwindling at a faster rate than Chobani could produce their best-selling greek yogurt, Chobani chose Tippmann Group to design/build a new state-of-the-art production and distribution facility in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was the second major construction project Chobani had selected Tippmann Group to manage over the course of 3 years. The 939,000 square foot facility was built with incredible attention to detail, insuring that the quality of the building would be second to none. It is the largest yogurt plant in the world, and was completed in just 326 days.

As part of this project, Tippmann built a 326,000 square foot distribution center similar to the kind and quality that Tippmann is known for (including a recently completed plant-attached D.C. project for Chobani in Upstate New York).

In addition to the warehouse, Tippmann designed, built and permitted the remaining 600,000+ square foot production facility as well as the 190 acres of site infrastructure. This included the design and construction of the following specialty areas: Milk Receiving Bays, Raw Milk Processing Room, Raw & Pasteurized Tank Alcoves, Centralized C.I.P. Room, Yogurt Starter Room, Greek Yogurt Processing Room, Cup Sleeving Room, Dosing Room and Allergen / Non Allergen Filling Rooms.

The Twin Falls facility was built with food safety as a top priority, and has already earned numerous awards and recognition for its innovative design, including the prestigious 2013 Plant of the Year award from Food Engineering Magazine.

Facility Highlights:

  • 939,000 square foot yogurt production and distribution facility
  • Built in 326 days
  • Production capacity – 11 million pounds of milk per day
  • 2,000+ workers helped build the facility
  • 18.2 million pounds of steel used
  • 52,000 cubic yards of concrete poured
  • 1.7 million man hours to complete the project