Chobani – New Berlin, NY

Chobani is one of the fastest growing food companies in the world today. They knew they needed to build a new warehouse, but since they were on such a fast paced growth curve, it was difficult to define just how large the facility would need to be. Because of Chobani’s continued growth, the size and scope of the project effectively doubled throughout the design and construction process, culminating in a 163,000 square foot plant-attached distribution facility.

The availability of land to build on was limited at the time, so it was determined that the best place to build was directly across a county road from their manufacturing plant. Tippmann Group came up with a plant-attached design and built a conveyor bridge over the busy county road in upstate New York.

Tippmann Group’s warehouse owner/operator expertise came into play on this project as well, working with Chobani to explain the specific layout of the warehouse to maximize its efficiency. Interstate Warehousing, a Tippmann Group company, also assisted in the training, by bringing the Chobani team to the Interstate Warehousing facility in Franklin, Indiana to show them how a facility was run, while explaining the processes and procedures that are required to run a new building.

Facility Highlights:

  • 163,000 square foot plant-attached multi-temperature distribution facility
  • Attached to manufacturing plant via conveyor bridge which was built over a busy county road in upstate New York
  • Tippmann Group’s Interstate Warehousing staff assisted in training for the operations of the new facility