Building with Operations in Mind

Does your builder truly understand the operations of the temperature-controlled facility they will be building for you? First-hand owner/operator knowledge of the thousands of details going into your construction project is critical to the success of that project. Tippmann Group is in a unique position in the construction and temperature-controlled facility industries. The ability to seamlessly leverage and share information between sister companies Tippmann Construction and Interstate Warehousing makes us unique. While we share common philosophies in quality, performance, and goals between our two companies; the focus comes at a different point in the supply chain. Tippmann Construction’s design team brings new technology and ideas from their various projects, while Interstate Warehousing’s operations team shares perspective from the day-to-day operations of a facility.

The value generated by the relationship between the two companies becomes most evident when initially discussing requirements and designs with prospective customers. Customers are able to tour one of the Interstate Warehousing facilities and are able to get a first hand perspective of new designs, technology, systems and processes, along with their impact on the operations. Some of these items include:

  • Building lay-out
  • Rack design
  • Client’s needs
  • Operations schedule
  • Best practices within the building
  • WMS functionality
  • New technology explanation
  • Facility tour of engine room, operating areas and break rooms.
  • Production Standards
  • Hiring practices
  • Maintenance practices
  • Labor planning

Since Tippmann Construction builds all of the Interstate Warehousing buildings, Interstate serves as the perfect test ground for continuous improvement ideas or something as simple as a new rack lay-out. A few examples of these ideas include the following:

  • Engine Room
    4 Foot Curbs

    4-foot curbs, protecting insulated panels from potential damage

  • Open dock concept in a refrigerated environment
  • Engine room design/layout with long term maintenance considerations
  • Pick tunnel lighting that takes advantage of natural protection
  • Polished flooring surfaces
  • New material handling systems
  • Location and types of stretch wrappers

All of these items are done with long term cost in mind.  The decision to build or implement a new idea only comes after careful consideration of all angles of a project, and realizing the return on investment from the owner/operator’s point of view.  The goal is to ensure our customers end up with a well-built facility which is also extremely flexible for future growth, while maximizing efficiencies on the floor.

For more information on designing your next construction project to fit your operational needs, contact us via email or at (260) 490-3000.